With Syentys professional resourcing services we offer a balance between (a) being an individual and (b) enjoying business freedom while being employed. Be part of the social security system without having the administrative overhead - our resourcing services are open to any industry looking for a highly skilled worker. We help you to bridge between personal business goals and being a permanent employee. Our focus is in Life Sciences and Finance while our network can bring you directly together with subject matter experts in your area. With us you decide yourself how much you like to involve Syentys in your activities such as contact management, business development, onboarding to new vendors.

Once you have found a Swiss client, you can start using our professional payroll services. A working contract with us means that we will add you to our payrolling network and will send an invoice to the client recruited by you. We create a payment plan together and offer options for factoring.

Syentys Payroll Services

  • Improve your network and refine your individual service offering

  • No need for local freelancer or other registrations needed

  • Guaranteed fix salary or flexible salary and bonus payments

  • Single point of contact for administrative questions (local and international)

  • Sccess to our online collaboration platform

  • Support in international tax issues​